Hey ladies,

I know I have been missin' in action for the last few days, but I've been packing and getting ready for my big move tomorrow (small move actually, considering I don't have living room furniture yet lol) But I will be back to posting on the regular next week!

I miss you guys and I'll be back to commentin and posting soon!


Okay one more post...

Like I said I love as I sit at my desk (supposed to be doing work)

I found a cute little collage to help you shop for spring (it'll be here before you know) it shows all of the upcoming trends and can serve as a shopping guide!

Pic courtesy of Girlawhirl

If you can't make out the words...The trends are as follows: belts, high waisted, wide led pants, prints and patterns, greys and (of course) bright colors, layers, oversized flowers, and a modern twist on your traditional black and white outfit. I'm lovin it so far! [[[click to enlarge photo]]]


Over at MAC.....

Don't u just love the holidays? Free shipping on all purchases from Dec. 2 til the 15th!


EDIT:: For those who do not know, my first love is fashion...I absolutely love clothes and shopping (makeup has just taken over lately lol) but anyways...I've been spending all my money on makeup and haven't had the chance to shop, but I just stopped by the Wet Seal site and they have free shipping too!!!!! Oh and I promise I'm gonna post tonight! ::slippin on my pimpin::



STYLISTICS **update**

Hey yall...

Okay... so yesterday I went to the Mac store at the mall, and SURPRISINGLY I was disappointed in the Stylistics collection. I still love the packaging, but not enough to spend more money on items I can't see myself reaching for too often. I swabbed the Sheerspark Powders and the lipglass [[which is what i was initially interested in]], but I just wasn't wowed enough to dish out the money for items I seriously doubt I'd reach for too often. HOWEVER...I did purchase a couple of things..including my very FIRST Mac brush [[[yay!!!]]]. I'll post Monday w/ my haul!