HAUL!!!!!!! ((pic heavy))

Happy Friday!!!

Okay so I finally received my package from MAC which included my Dame Edna stuff...and I must say that I am extremely happy with the items that I ordered =)

I am still in love with the purple packaging! I ordered: The Wisterio trio, Gladiola l/s, & Hot Frost l/g.


I can not WAIT to wear Gladiola(right) and Hot Frost(left)! When I ordered it, I honestly didn't think that it would fit my skin tone, but it does and I am ecstatic! I never wear bright lip color, so I'll do a FOTD with these reaalllyy soon!

NEXT UP!! Walgreens had a crazy clearance sale going on and I snatched up quite a few things and of course I had to share em' with ya'll!!! (YES ''ya'll'' lol)

I got: (2) Revlon lip palettes in Caramelt & RSV Pink, (3) Covergirl Trueshines in Coral Shine, Watermelon Shine, & Fire Shine, A Revlon shadow/liner duo in Set the Nude, Revlon blush in Hushed Blush (to be used as a highlight), Milani Sunset (bronzer/ blush) duo in Sunset Beach, & 3 sets of Wet N Wild lashes in Vivacious and Flirtatious (not pictured).

Top to bottom: Fire shine, Watermelon Shine, & Coral Shine. All of the CG Trueshines are pretty sheer but have buildable coverage. I'm trying to expand my lipstick collection and I'm very happy with these =)

This is the liner/shadow duo. The frosty beige color seems like it may be a good brow highlight. I'll have to try to liner, not sure how its "marble-ly goodness" will work on the lashline lol.

The Milani bronzer is good for this time of year. It seems like everyday I wake up a little paler than the day before so anything that adds a little bit of warmth definitely helps!

The revlon blush is pretty light, definitely couldn't be used for anything other than a highlight (on me anyway), but I couldn't beat getting an $11 blush for $2!!!

FINALLY!!! I got a few misc. items that I had been eyeing for a while and/or needed to replenish.

I had to get a new crystal nail file b/c I gave my Mommy the last one =) I also purchased Sally Hansen Diamond Shine base coat/top coat (Nail Post coming soon!!). I got one of the new Revlon Matte eyeshadows in Lushious Lime( i THINK thats the name...I could be wrong lol I'm @ work!!), Nivea creme for my purse, and FINALLY got the Loew Cornell brushes! They are supposedly dupes for the Mac shader brushes. I am very happy with them they are extremely soft and I can't wait to use them. Look for the purple handle!!!
Here's a quick swatch of the Revlon e/s.. This is the best picture I could get..the color was hard to capture

Okay THAT IS IT!!! Sorry for the long post but I wanted to show ya'll all of the stuff I've got in the last couple of days!!!!

Have a great Weekend!!!!!!!


Gotta Have Em....

I am really feeling these....

I have always loved heels, but I used to be self-conscious b/c I'm kinda tall, but NOW....u can't tell me nuthin! I will be struttin in these asap.

Click here to buy =)


Purple Passion....

Hey Ladies =)

First off I hope that you girls (and guys?) are taking/have taken advantage of MAC's Friends & Fam discount!!!!
I sure did! I ordered 3 things from the Dame Edna collection cuz I llloovvee the purple packaging, I've heard that some people are kinda bummed b/c the packaging has stickers...which DOES in fact suck a bit...but then again nothing lasts forever =) I live for now!!! Okay, not all the time but Mac got me with this one lol.

So I ordered: The Wisteria Trio, Gladiola l/s, & Hot Frost l/g...I really wanted a nice bright lip stick because I usually stray away from anything with color, but I want to try somethin new for 09! lol...So HOPEFULLY I'll have enough guts to rock Gladiola...if not it's always a nice color to have in my kit =)

Check out Ren Ren's tutorial using the Wisteria Trio here

Oh and I'm definitely on a roll! I even have a FOTD to share =) Yay me!!!!

What I used:
Eyes: Loreal Decrease(waste!), ?Lavender/Lilac? NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose e/s (lid), Mac Fig. 1 (crease, lower lashline), Mac Carbon (outer V, slightly blended into crease), Mac Ricepaper (brow highlight), Revlon Colorstay Liquid Line, CG Perfect Blend black Eye Pencil, CG Lash Blast
Brows: Mac Espresso, NC45 Studio Finish Concealer

Face: NC45 Studio Finish Concealer, NYX Concealer in a Jar-yellow, MAC Select SPF 15 Finish Foundation NC44, Maybelline Mineral Power in Translucent(to set)
Cheeks: Bonnebell Powder Bronzer in Golden Tan, Revlon Blush in Pinking of You

Lips: Milani Lip Pencil in Satin Rose, Milani l/s in Dolce Vita, Avon l/g in Peony Pink

I forgot to use my Mineralize Skinfinish....and I am thinking of changing foundations....I wanna try Studio Fix Fluid and/or MUFE HD Foundation...not feeling my current one anymore...makes me look weird lol And just a brief rant...L'Oreal Decrease sucks..for me anyway...After it's gone I'm either gonna try Too Faced Shadow Insurance or UDPP....might as well spend an extra $ eyeshadow needs to stay put!

But anyways....

I hope you all enjoyed!!!!

*alyssia* =.)



As i said before I made a video, edited the video using Windows Movie Maker and could not figure out how to convert the file..things like this usually come easy, but I guess I'll have to play around with it a bit more!! My video included my most recent mac haul...I didn't take pics and all that "jazz" b/c I plan on figuring out how to convert it! I.will.not.give.up

Just to fill ya'll in....

Everything has been going great lately...I have decided that Blogger is definitely the business! Without it I wouldn't have connected with my blog "fam" and I wouldn't have been able to meet Ms. Brandi, an UBER talented MUA in my area (Which is very hard to find) As most of you know, I live in Detroit....the fashion/makeup industry is little to none here, so finding a mentor to actually teach you the ropes is highly unlikely. (check out some of her work here and check out her blog X-Quisite Looks) I will be her assistant, helping out with photo shoots, weddings, runway shows and whatever else may come up. I am soooo excited and I'll be sure to take plenty of pics and keep you all filled in.

For whatever reason, I've been doing lots of makeup (on myself and a couple others) but have been slacking on my picture taking!!! So all I have to leave you with is a picture of me on NYE.

I didn't do anything to dramatic because my outfit didn't scream Happy New Year. So I rocked a pale gold(finally got some use outta one of my NYX loose pearl mania shadows!) and a slightly smoke out gray e/ left eyebrow looks really odd now that I look at this, but on 12/31/08...I was happy with it LOL

I'm sorry it took me sooo long to update this, I feel so bad and I've missed blogging so much! But...I guess that's what happens when you STILL don't have internet @ your apartment! Hopefully I'll get the hang of this video thing really soon!!! My next post will definitely be more interesting ladies! Sry!


My one & only....

New Years Resolution:

**I resolve to update my blog on the REGULAR!

New post coming tomorrow.

Happy New Year Lovlies =.)

edit: Okay sooo. I tried uploading a video to blogger AND youtube but it didnt work out. Anyone who is good with that stuff PLLLEEAASSSEE help!