Fashion Week Comes to Detroit

Laaaddiieess! I have big news :) (big to me). I have been chosen as the Volunteer Coordinator for Detroit Fashion Week.

I was able to land the position by emailing the leading staff of the production and luckily, this job became available! Initially, I was only interested in being a volunteer....I wanted a piece of the action, and I wanted to share my experience with you all!! I can't express how ecstatic I am! This is a great way to get my foot in the door! I'll be able to mix and mingle with local designers from Detroit, some from Chicago, and a couple from NYC. >>>LUCKY<<<>

I realize that Detroit never crosses your mind when you think 'Fashion'. In fact, most think that they will be a.) shot dead upon crossing city limits, b.) robbed upon crossing city limits, or c.) BOTH (none of which is true). BUT one thing I can say is that my people are most definitely fashionable....swaggerific to say the least. lol. You've probably heard of the city referred to as the Gator Capital, but we have so much more to offer....we have some great shopping districts, malls, and boutiques. People sleep on 'The D', but all we can do is is cheap!!!!

_duece, deuce ladies!!!!



Here is my current NOTD, Orly Charged Up

Excuse my *shorter than normal* nubs...I broke about 3 nails, so I had to cut them all! =( I don't like long nails, but these are a lil too short for my liking. But HEY...they will grow back!

And here's my new phone.....the Samsung Instinct from Sprint....comparable to the i-phone. My boyfriend has the i-phone and I actually like my phone a little better, but this may be because he has the first model, and not the newer one. They have a lot of the same features and applications. I was quite happy when Sprint introduced a touch screen phone...that way I didn't have to end my contract 1 1/2 year early! hehe.......

Okay I am *officially* done posting for today! Lol. *dueces*


Hey Ladies,

I know I'm a little late on this post, but between my Cedar Point (amusement park) trip and dealing with the Financial Aid office for school I have been so out of it. But I have plenty of pics from my latest hauls to share with you lovely ladies =) It's not much but I scored some pretty great stuff....for little to nothing. Let's take a closer look!

I absolutely love the dress! I got it at H&M...surprisingly I wasn't sold just looking at it on the hanger, but when I tried it on I had to have it! H&M's clothing fits me really their store I'm a PERFECT size 6. I am one that embraces my curves and believe me, this dress hugs every curve... yet still classy and elegant. It's not *super* dressy...I believe it can be dressed up or down. I plan on wearing it to a dinner cruise with my Mom and Dad paired with a black wide belt & black patent peep toe mary janes. I purchased the jeans from 4ever 21 and they also fit really well. I needed a new pair of dark denim jeans to wear with pumps, and these fit the bill perfectly. Who can't be happy about spending less than $50 on a quality dress and a nice pair of jeans??

This lil' kit is so convinient! I'm constantly breaking, chipping, or slamming a nail in a file drawer at work so sometimes, I need a quick fix. It was only $1 at Meijer...can't beat it! (I had to add my own crystal nail file to the kit)

I really do not remember the name of this Revlon blush, and since I'm blogging from work I can't grab it (I'll edit later) But I DO know that it was only $2.25 on clearance and was orginally $10+. Can we say STEAL?!

I was also able to get this NYX trio on sale (50% off) at my local Rite Aid...In the end I think I only paid about $3 for it...give a few cents.

I also picked up Orly Charged Up...I think its a great transitional purple from Summer to Fall...I was surprised to see that it was released with a few of their neons because well.....It's not really a neon :-/ But still beautiful

And look at this beauty! OMG...look at the holographic glitter......I was speechless when I found this...I saw sooo many ladies rocking it over at the Nail Board on Makeup Alley and loved imagine my delight when I found this at my local Ulta.

Look at that! Just gorgeous! This is definitely not your average black polish. You can achieve bottle color with two coats, but I'm a three coater myself!
That's about all I've purchased lately...I'm on a huge low buy after purchasing a new phone PLUS I have to buy books for the upcoming semester! OH! And I know I still haven't posted my minimal makeup look, but believe it or not I am JUST now getting that breakout I mentioned under control. I haven't been wearing anything but mascara and carmex, but now that it's nearly clear...I'll work on that post! Have a great day ladies!!!!



Hey Ladies,

One more post for the day....Here's a quick NOTD. It's Covergirl Boundless Color in Candy Corn. It's a really pretty summer color...wish I would have taken more pics!

We Got to Do Better!

I told yall that my posts would be all over the place...I just have so many things on my mind and I can't help but to share!

But onto the hot mess that is Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.....if you're one that keeps up with current events and news I'm sure that you've heard of the infamous "Sex & Text Scandal" surrounding Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick.

As a resident of the Metro Detroit area, you can not turn on the television without being bombarded by the latest, breaking news in the Kilpatrick trial. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing about him. He either needs to a.) be put out of office or b.) be a man and step down. While he has brought many jobs, businesses, and major events to the city...he must realize that (allegedly) inviting strippers to the Mayor's mansion and lying under oath will overshadow anything positive that he has done for the city of Detroit. Let's not be naive and pretend that he hasn't been under the microscope since he was elected years ago. He wasn't "supposed" to get that position in the first place. We got to do better!

If you are unfamiliar with the case/scandal Click here for a timeline leading up to the trial against the Mayor.
pics courtesy of CNN and ScurvOriginalz


Oh Em Gee (lol)

Just a really quick post.....I just had to fly are these shoes!?!???!!!!!! lol. They would be a great transition from summer to fall....the color is just ..... too fab. Can't wait for fall!

Eff that....I'm gettin em! Pics soon! lol

And my minimal makeup post is coming...I just got hit with a CRAZY breakout.....damned PMS! Ugh...................


It's Official.....

I'm back and I have missed blogging so much. Its so nice to have people who understand my obsession with all things beauty and fashion! I'm tired of getting the side eye everytime someone asks exactly how many times I polish my nails within a week...I mean so what! I get bored easily and with 100+ bottles of polish who has time to keep one color on for an entire week......yeah not so much! That's eternity! Look at the nail polish over flow.......I need another storage method cuz this right here.....aint gettin it!

To mark this historic day (((because you should mark it on your calendar: Alyssia is BACK!))) I bought my very first Essie nail polish thanks to my girl Brit over at Clumps of Mascara. She's such a frickin enabler! Lol, i kid! But anyways i purchased Body Language which is a muted gray creme...hard to describe...almost reminds me of a mushroom....anyways check the swatch! It's very unique! Almost fugly...but for some reason I love it! Oh and I most def recommend that you get a few Essie polishes in your collection...they apply like butter!

Ya'll have to excuse me...I know this isn't the greatest post! But I'm gettin back into the swing of things....slowly but surely!!

Upcoming post: Minimal makeup


Guess who's Back!!

I know, I was gone for quite some time but I am most defenitely back. The only difference will be that I will focus on all aspects of things I enjoy....Tracez will now include posts regarding life, beauty, skin care, nail care, hair care, and fashion.

Be on the lookout, cuz I'm back!