Coming Soon

I have tons of ish on my mind, so I'm going to be starting a new blog'll be a lot more personal and probably a tad more random lol. Oh, and I'll definitely be keeping this one up!

I'll post a link when it's up and running and those of you who'd like to follow that one are more than welcome!


I'm back! Quick Post....

Hey Ya'll! Long time no blog, right? Yes I know! I still haven't got my computer issues squared away, so until I do I'll just keep commenting and posting when I can :-/

So..... Am I the ONLY one NOT excited about this?

Ol' girl looks a hot, sticky mess...but too each his/her own, I guess! I think I'll have to pass on this collection!!!!! There are product photos over at Temptalia... the only thing that appeals to me in the least are the shadesticks.. simply because I don't own any.

In other news, I have gone MAC crazy lol. I have spent entirely too much at the MAC counter in my local Macy's...ahhh well, its all for the good, right?! lol. Also, Spring is COMING! Yay! Which means I have been shopping my butt off......spending money that could go towards a bill...but again, its all for the good, right!? At least thats what I keep telling myself LOL. BUT I realize that there is a problem and I will be going on a makeup NO BUY! That's right!!!!! NO MAKEUP PURCHASES!!!! The verdict is out on how long I'll do this, but I definitely will need help and motivation! (((notice I didn't say all shopping...just makeup, as I realize I spend more on makeup than anything else)))

I'll try taking pictures of my latest hauls and I HAVE to review my new Studio Sculpt Foundation and this stuff!

Edit! I HAVE to share the shoes my hunii.dew bought me for Valentine's Day, I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them in the store, and my baby remembered how much I loved them =)

Aren't they GORGEOUS!? I love these shoes, can't wait til' the snow melts!!!!

That's all for now! I'll post again as SOON as I can lovlies!


I Know, I Know!!!

Hey Ladies,

I know I promised to keep up with my blog, and I promise I have plenty of stuff to share incl. more makeup hauls and CLOTHES!!!! But my laptop has a virus!!!!!!!!!!! :::oh nO!::::

I'm getting it fixed, and I will be back to regular posting shortly, for the time being...I'll review a couple of items I've recently purchased!

Stay tuned!!! ;)