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Coming Soon

I have tons of ish on my mind, so I'm going to be starting a new blog'll be a lot more personal and probably a tad more random lol. Oh, and I'll definitely be keeping this one up!

I'll post a link when it's up and running and those of you who'd like to follow that one are more than welcome!


I'm back! Quick Post....

Hey Ya'll! Long time no blog, right? Yes I know! I still haven't got my computer issues squared away, so until I do I'll just keep commenting and posting when I can :-/

So..... Am I the ONLY one NOT excited about this?

Ol' girl looks a hot, sticky mess...but too each his/her own, I guess! I think I'll have to pass on this collection!!!!! There are product photos over at Temptalia... the only thing that appeals to me in the least are the shadesticks.. simply because I don't own any.

In other news, I have gone MAC crazy lol. I have spent entirely too much at the MAC counter in my local Macy's...ahhh well, its all for the good, right?! lol. Also, Spring is COMING! Yay! Which means I have been shopping my butt off......spending money that could go towards a bill...but again, its all for the good, right!? At least thats what I keep telling myself LOL. BUT I realize that there is a problem and I will be going on a makeup NO BUY! That's right!!!!! NO MAKEUP PURCHASES!!!! The verdict is out on how long I'll do this, but I definitely will need help and motivation! (((notice I didn't say all shopping...just makeup, as I realize I spend more on makeup than anything else)))

I'll try taking pictures of my latest hauls and I HAVE to review my new Studio Sculpt Foundation and this stuff!

Edit! I HAVE to share the shoes my hunii.dew bought me for Valentine's Day, I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them in the store, and my baby remembered how much I loved them =)

Aren't they GORGEOUS!? I love these shoes, can't wait til' the snow melts!!!!

That's all for now! I'll post again as SOON as I can lovlies!


I Know, I Know!!!

Hey Ladies,

I know I promised to keep up with my blog, and I promise I have plenty of stuff to share incl. more makeup hauls and CLOTHES!!!! But my laptop has a virus!!!!!!!!!!! :::oh nO!::::

I'm getting it fixed, and I will be back to regular posting shortly, for the time being...I'll review a couple of items I've recently purchased!

Stay tuned!!! ;)


HAUL!!!!!!! ((pic heavy))

Happy Friday!!!

Okay so I finally received my package from MAC which included my Dame Edna stuff...and I must say that I am extremely happy with the items that I ordered =)

I am still in love with the purple packaging! I ordered: The Wisterio trio, Gladiola l/s, & Hot Frost l/g.


I can not WAIT to wear Gladiola(right) and Hot Frost(left)! When I ordered it, I honestly didn't think that it would fit my skin tone, but it does and I am ecstatic! I never wear bright lip color, so I'll do a FOTD with these reaalllyy soon!

NEXT UP!! Walgreens had a crazy clearance sale going on and I snatched up quite a few things and of course I had to share em' with ya'll!!! (YES ''ya'll'' lol)

I got: (2) Revlon lip palettes in Caramelt & RSV Pink, (3) Covergirl Trueshines in Coral Shine, Watermelon Shine, & Fire Shine, A Revlon shadow/liner duo in Set the Nude, Revlon blush in Hushed Blush (to be used as a highlight), Milani Sunset (bronzer/ blush) duo in Sunset Beach, & 3 sets of Wet N Wild lashes in Vivacious and Flirtatious (not pictured).

Top to bottom: Fire shine, Watermelon Shine, & Coral Shine. All of the CG Trueshines are pretty sheer but have buildable coverage. I'm trying to expand my lipstick collection and I'm very happy with these =)

This is the liner/shadow duo. The frosty beige color seems like it may be a good brow highlight. I'll have to try to liner, not sure how its "marble-ly goodness" will work on the lashline lol.

The Milani bronzer is good for this time of year. It seems like everyday I wake up a little paler than the day before so anything that adds a little bit of warmth definitely helps!

The revlon blush is pretty light, definitely couldn't be used for anything other than a highlight (on me anyway), but I couldn't beat getting an $11 blush for $2!!!

FINALLY!!! I got a few misc. items that I had been eyeing for a while and/or needed to replenish.

I had to get a new crystal nail file b/c I gave my Mommy the last one =) I also purchased Sally Hansen Diamond Shine base coat/top coat (Nail Post coming soon!!). I got one of the new Revlon Matte eyeshadows in Lushious Lime( i THINK thats the name...I could be wrong lol I'm @ work!!), Nivea creme for my purse, and FINALLY got the Loew Cornell brushes! They are supposedly dupes for the Mac shader brushes. I am very happy with them they are extremely soft and I can't wait to use them. Look for the purple handle!!!
Here's a quick swatch of the Revlon e/s.. This is the best picture I could get..the color was hard to capture

Okay THAT IS IT!!! Sorry for the long post but I wanted to show ya'll all of the stuff I've got in the last couple of days!!!!

Have a great Weekend!!!!!!!


Gotta Have Em....

I am really feeling these....

I have always loved heels, but I used to be self-conscious b/c I'm kinda tall, but NOW....u can't tell me nuthin! I will be struttin in these asap.

Click here to buy =)


Purple Passion....

Hey Ladies =)

First off I hope that you girls (and guys?) are taking/have taken advantage of MAC's Friends & Fam discount!!!!
I sure did! I ordered 3 things from the Dame Edna collection cuz I llloovvee the purple packaging, I've heard that some people are kinda bummed b/c the packaging has stickers...which DOES in fact suck a bit...but then again nothing lasts forever =) I live for now!!! Okay, not all the time but Mac got me with this one lol.

So I ordered: The Wisteria Trio, Gladiola l/s, & Hot Frost l/g...I really wanted a nice bright lip stick because I usually stray away from anything with color, but I want to try somethin new for 09! lol...So HOPEFULLY I'll have enough guts to rock Gladiola...if not it's always a nice color to have in my kit =)

Check out Ren Ren's tutorial using the Wisteria Trio here

Oh and I'm definitely on a roll! I even have a FOTD to share =) Yay me!!!!

What I used:
Eyes: Loreal Decrease(waste!), ?Lavender/Lilac? NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose e/s (lid), Mac Fig. 1 (crease, lower lashline), Mac Carbon (outer V, slightly blended into crease), Mac Ricepaper (brow highlight), Revlon Colorstay Liquid Line, CG Perfect Blend black Eye Pencil, CG Lash Blast
Brows: Mac Espresso, NC45 Studio Finish Concealer

Face: NC45 Studio Finish Concealer, NYX Concealer in a Jar-yellow, MAC Select SPF 15 Finish Foundation NC44, Maybelline Mineral Power in Translucent(to set)
Cheeks: Bonnebell Powder Bronzer in Golden Tan, Revlon Blush in Pinking of You

Lips: Milani Lip Pencil in Satin Rose, Milani l/s in Dolce Vita, Avon l/g in Peony Pink

I forgot to use my Mineralize Skinfinish....and I am thinking of changing foundations....I wanna try Studio Fix Fluid and/or MUFE HD Foundation...not feeling my current one anymore...makes me look weird lol And just a brief rant...L'Oreal Decrease sucks..for me anyway...After it's gone I'm either gonna try Too Faced Shadow Insurance or UDPP....might as well spend an extra $ eyeshadow needs to stay put!

But anyways....

I hope you all enjoyed!!!!

*alyssia* =.)



As i said before I made a video, edited the video using Windows Movie Maker and could not figure out how to convert the file..things like this usually come easy, but I guess I'll have to play around with it a bit more!! My video included my most recent mac haul...I didn't take pics and all that "jazz" b/c I plan on figuring out how to convert it! I.will.not.give.up

Just to fill ya'll in....

Everything has been going great lately...I have decided that Blogger is definitely the business! Without it I wouldn't have connected with my blog "fam" and I wouldn't have been able to meet Ms. Brandi, an UBER talented MUA in my area (Which is very hard to find) As most of you know, I live in Detroit....the fashion/makeup industry is little to none here, so finding a mentor to actually teach you the ropes is highly unlikely. (check out some of her work here and check out her blog X-Quisite Looks) I will be her assistant, helping out with photo shoots, weddings, runway shows and whatever else may come up. I am soooo excited and I'll be sure to take plenty of pics and keep you all filled in.

For whatever reason, I've been doing lots of makeup (on myself and a couple others) but have been slacking on my picture taking!!! So all I have to leave you with is a picture of me on NYE.

I didn't do anything to dramatic because my outfit didn't scream Happy New Year. So I rocked a pale gold(finally got some use outta one of my NYX loose pearl mania shadows!) and a slightly smoke out gray e/ left eyebrow looks really odd now that I look at this, but on 12/31/08...I was happy with it LOL

I'm sorry it took me sooo long to update this, I feel so bad and I've missed blogging so much! But...I guess that's what happens when you STILL don't have internet @ your apartment! Hopefully I'll get the hang of this video thing really soon!!! My next post will definitely be more interesting ladies! Sry!


My one & only....

New Years Resolution:

**I resolve to update my blog on the REGULAR!

New post coming tomorrow.

Happy New Year Lovlies =.)

edit: Okay sooo. I tried uploading a video to blogger AND youtube but it didnt work out. Anyone who is good with that stuff PLLLEEAASSSEE help!