Hey ladies,

I know I have been missin' in action for the last few days, but I've been packing and getting ready for my big move tomorrow (small move actually, considering I don't have living room furniture yet lol) But I will be back to posting on the regular next week!

I miss you guys and I'll be back to commentin and posting soon!


Okay one more post...

Like I said I love as I sit at my desk (supposed to be doing work)

I found a cute little collage to help you shop for spring (it'll be here before you know) it shows all of the upcoming trends and can serve as a shopping guide!

Pic courtesy of Girlawhirl

If you can't make out the words...The trends are as follows: belts, high waisted, wide led pants, prints and patterns, greys and (of course) bright colors, layers, oversized flowers, and a modern twist on your traditional black and white outfit. I'm lovin it so far! [[[click to enlarge photo]]]


Over at MAC.....

Don't u just love the holidays? Free shipping on all purchases from Dec. 2 til the 15th!


EDIT:: For those who do not know, my first love is fashion...I absolutely love clothes and shopping (makeup has just taken over lately lol) but anyways...I've been spending all my money on makeup and haven't had the chance to shop, but I just stopped by the Wet Seal site and they have free shipping too!!!!! Oh and I promise I'm gonna post tonight! ::slippin on my pimpin::



STYLISTICS **update**

Hey yall...

Okay... so yesterday I went to the Mac store at the mall, and SURPRISINGLY I was disappointed in the Stylistics collection. I still love the packaging, but not enough to spend more money on items I can't see myself reaching for too often. I swabbed the Sheerspark Powders and the lipglass [[which is what i was initially interested in]], but I just wasn't wowed enough to dish out the money for items I seriously doubt I'd reach for too often. HOWEVER...I did purchase a couple of things..including my very FIRST Mac brush [[[yay!!!]]]. I'll post Monday w/ my haul!


Latest Haul...and Sum Half-Assed FOTD's

Hey yall...

Like everyone else out there, I know I'm supposed to be buyin stuff for my fam and friends BUT I can't help myself. I didn't over do it though, I think I've been pretty good about sticking to drugstore brands instead of splurging on h/e cosmetics! I seriously only own 4 Mac e/s...and thats including this haul. From time to time, I purchase my foundation or mascara from Mac but they usually only squeeze that outta me when I let the MA do my m/u!
But goes the haul I purchased the following : Mac e/s in Beauty Marked and Trax (recommended by the MA), NYX Lip Gloss with Mega Shine in Clear net, Mac Lipglass in Viva Glam VI, NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose shadows in Lime Pearl and Baby Blue pearl, Milani e/s(cant remember the color), WnW Mega Glow Illuminating Powder in Bora Bora, Cover Girl Buffer Brush, Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, & Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.

NOW...I absolutely love my Mac eyeshadows. They are so pretty together! But I refuse to do an FOTD using them until I get a new digi cam(I'll tell you about that later). The MA told me that they were her fav combos right now and I thought they were sooo pretty together! I had to have them...against my better judgement! Originally I was looking for another lipglass...just something with a LITTLE less sheer and I love the Viva Glam's just..perfect for my lips! The milani e/s is also really pretty...I think I'd use it as a highlighter whenever I do pink e/s or a pink and purple combo. The NYX ultra pearl shadows are decent. I really like the Baby Blue pearl, but the Lime pearl is a little more shimmery than I was hoping for (I'll probably just layer it with an e/s that's a little more Milani Limbo Lime). The Wnw powder is pretty good too...I just use it on the hollows of my cheeks and on my temples and then I top it off with whatever blush I'm going to se for the day. {keep in mind, i bought this stuff about a week ago so I've had a chance to play with everything!} And now for the star of the bunch...the CG Buffer is very soft and I haven't had any shedding what-so-ever. I use it for my mineral m/u and I really like the effect it gives. If you remember, I bought a really harsh kabuki brush and I hated it, but this is amazing....I look for a reason to use it everyday! The baby oil gel also works wonders. I use it about 2 times a week. After I shower (while I am still wet) I apply the gel liberally and then I pat myself dry..thats it! My skin does not feel greasy...the product is absorbed very well and when I wake up the next morning I still feel moisturized!! I don't have to apply lotion to anything but my hands. I have yet to use to Mint Julep masque but it got pretty decent reviews over at Makeup Alley so I'm hoping it will serve its purpose (minimize my pores!) when I try it! [I'll let you guys know!]
And FOTD's. I have come to conclusion that I have a wack camera! [lol]. I have done everything possible to make my pics come out looking decent, but they never pick up the details or show how vibrant the shadow is. So I'm hoping Santa will bring me a better digi cam for X-mas this year!!!!
The first pic is just showing my m/u coverage. Many of you guys told me to try using a good concealer and layer it with a powder. So I used WnW coverall stick in Medium over any blemishes or scars I had and then I applied my Mac Studio Stick Foundation in NC45 over the same marks/blemishes with my concealer brush...then I added a sheer layer of my Everyday minerals...I like the coverage it gave and I didn't feel like I had a ton of makeup on my do you think it came out??

Pay no attention to the look on my face....I'm a goofball!!?!? What can I say?!!??! [lol]

In this FOTD I just played around with some bright colors (eventhough they don't look as bright in my pics) I used the following:

FACE Coverall stick, Mac Studio Stick Foundation, Everday Minerals, Wnw Bora Bora, Covergirl Iced Plum blush

EYES Ultra Pearl Mania Loose e/s in Lime Pearl and Lilac Pearl, Milani e/s in Shock and Limbo Lime, frosty peachy e/s for highlight(brand/color unknown), Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil

LIPS Mac Lipglass in Phosphorelle, Milani L/s in Dolce Vita
**They are HORRIBLE PICS and the angles are weird, but I had to pick the few that showed the colors.

Sorry for such a long post, was necessary! [lol]

Tell me what you guys think!!! =)




I know, i know....long time no post! But I was inspired when I visited the Mac site and the Stylistics collection is out! yay! [[[[or nay for me??]]]

I want a COUPLE of things from this collection, but then again I still want a 187! I was thinking of purchasing one of the holiday brush sets (the 4 face brushes), but I don't need the foundation brush or the concealer many choices...not enough money..and an addiction that is digging a hole in my pockets!

But anyways... back to Stylistics! I am luvin Hyper Chic Lipglass " a neutral caramel brown"...i think it would look luvlee on my lips!

And the Sheerspark pressed powder...I'm not quite sure which shade would compliment me but I'm in love already! I will defenitely be at my local Mac counter first thing Friday morning.
Originally I decided that I wasn't gonna buy anything, but I can NOT pass this up! The packaging is BEAUTIFUL and I am in love with some of the colors...I promise to walk out with only 2 items! I have an apartment to furnish! [lol]
FOTD's coming tonight! :)



Hello All,

Just wanted to say that I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow. Eat plenty of turkey, ham, and stuffing (or DRESSING mmhmmm) ALSO, I got some more great buys....I'll update Friday!!


Yeah...I bought it too...

Okay, so I'm kind of a follower..I kept hearing so many rave reviews about this foundation...I HAD to have it and of course...i HAVE to add my 2 cents about Covergirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Foundation! I absolutely love it! I think I'll pass on using it everyday, but that's only because I don't want to turn into one of those "gotta have foundation on EVERYDAY to feel complete" type people. The coverage is great...On the right side of my face I have a few acne scars that I'm trying to lighten up and even without concealer this foundation almost covered them completely. What i like most is that eventhough it gives you nearly full coverage, it's still very light and doesn't make you feel as if you might break into a sweat at any given moment. Oh...and I love the color of the compact...only because my new fav color is purple though [lol]
All my brown girls should defenitely try this out! I bought it at Walgreens for $8.99, but I purchased 2 shades because I wasn't sure which one would work best. As I stated in my previous entry I got Amber Glow and Rich Sand, but I will keep both.
This gets *****5 stars***** in my book!


Green And Blue

Hey's another FOTD

I didn't take the time to list everything I used cuz I'm kinda in a rush today.
I went out and bought Covergirl Queen Collection in 2 shades (rich sand and amber glow)...the one used in my FOTD is a little too light to use all over but I figure I could use the darker along w/ the light for a perfect match =)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think it came out okay....

annndddd I painted my nails the other day using the Wet N Wild Denim Chrome (a dupe of the Maybelline Acoustic Azure) NOTE: this pic was taken before I cleaned up my polish so it may look a little messy, but I really like the color

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


MU Artist???

Hi everyone...

i just had a quick question...

a friend of mine does makeup for weddings, proms, etc.....and she says I need to apply more face makeup for better coverage...she's probably right, but I don't want to get that cakey...pancake look! from the FOTD's I've provided what do you gals think? be honest! more coverage or is it okay as is???????????///



Another Mini-Haul I think it's been established that I'm a broke college student w. bills [lol] SO, it's a very RARE occurence that I am able to go on shopping sprees at the Mac counter...I have to make do w/ what I've got and what I can afford! =) So here's a look at a few things I picked up yesterday....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

NYX e/s trio (white/grrey/black)
Ruby Kisses e/s duo (Fantasy Island)
Milani Lipstick (Pink Chiffon & Dolce Vita)
Studio Tools Bronzer Brush
Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush

I needed the NYX trio b/c I didn't have a matte black shadow...instead of spending 14 bux on ? ONE at Mac...i figured why not get 3 shadows for a fraction of the price =)...Now the Ruby Kisses shadow [lol] has little to barely any was just cheap at my local beauty supply and I liked the colors..but they don't show get what you pay for, right? Surprisingly I love both brushes...i was able to play with both last night when I did my FOTD (see last entry)....I already knew to expect great things from the Sonia Kashuk brush b/c of all the rave reviews I've read. The Studio Tools brush is realllyyy soft....I'll update after I wash it for the first time to see if it sheds or if the bristles get prickly.

It's good for now, though! ***EDIT***the studio tools bronzer/kabuki brush SUCKS. >:-[ It was soft to touch but too rough on my turned me red! I don't even have any high end makeup brushes but I know enough to know that this won't cut it! to the trash it goes....

Holidays: Take Dos!

Hey yall!
Okay so I tried another holiday look inspired by a look done over at Temptalia....

wet n' wild toasted almond cream e/s as base
NYX blonde pearl
NYX copper pearl
NYX ultra pearl mania [used a shimmery red and shimmery gold..not sure of name]
unknown brand...frosty white color under brow bone and in corners of eyes

everyday minerals
wet n' wild mellow wine blush
covergirl cheekers bronzer

milani lip liner
milani pink chiffon l/s
wet n' wild mega plump [name of color unknown, but # 589]

This was another look that came out really pretty, but the flash on my camera kind of washed out the photos. I think this one is a keeper! tell me what ya'll think... =)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

****SIDEBAR**** and just a quick it just me or do Milani lipsticks smell REALLY good? [lol]

I actually like the way this came out! Any suggestions would be appreciated! The holiday party is on the 1st so I have to get it right by then!



Mini Haul & FOTD

Hey yall... I was stressed the HELL out. First of all, I thought I had found an apartment...actually I did find one. I got approved, paid my app. fee and gave them the check for the sec. deposit. THEN, the lady I dealt with calls me 4 hours later and says that her boss wants me to pay $600 like...FRIDAY. I don't have that kind of money. I'm a student working part time...and my mom is in the middle of relocating (so clearly I wouldn't ask her). I can't pull that type of money outta my ass. So I ultimately ended up sayin' F* it....cuz they had been giving me the run around since the first day I went to see the apartment....they tried to take advantage of me b/c they knew how young I was, but I'm far from stupid. So to hell with them, and now I'm looking for another apartment...and I have to move in within the next month. I just want to pull my hair out! So....I went to Meijer to relieve some stress (for those who don't know, Meijer is just like Target or Wal-Mart, but I think they're only in the Midwest). this is what I bought :

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No biggie...but just some more stuff I don't need [lol]
*Rimmel lipstick in Balistic
*Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter
*Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
*Milani e/s in Shock
*Rimmel e/s in Forest
*Wet N' Wild Mega Plump (color ?...doesn't say)
*Wet N' Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish in Denim Chrome

Most of this stuff I didn't REALLY need. BUT I"m sure I'll find a use for it! I got the Rimmel lipstick to experiment w/ the holiday look seen below. My girl Nessa over at Nessasary Makeup [ ] recommended the Milani e/s as a MAC dupe so I'll have to play around with that. If you're wondering why I got Rimmel, it was cuz it was all on sale for half off. And I LOVE LOVE the Palmer's Lip smells soooo good! I got it to use at night and after I exfoliate my lips...I'll tell you guys how it works out! Oh, and I love the color of the nail polish....initially I was looking for Acoustic Azure by Maybelline (shown by Kia over at Yummy 411) but I couldn't find it anywhere...SO the search was on for a dupe and this is what I came up with! I'll polish them tomorrow so you guys can see the color....

Here's the Holiday look......

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i TRIED to imitate Nessa's Holiday look from Nessasary Makeup...I don't really like how it came just doesn't scream HAPPY HOLIDAYS, to me! I think it may be because the lipstick was more of a coral color than I thought it would be.....Do ya'll have any suggestions?????



This is just something I threw together this past weekend....nothin major. I'm getting a LITTLE better at the picture taking thing....I probably shouldve been a little closer, but at least I didn't use my phone this time! [lol]

e/s used:
base- wet n' wild mega glo in sun kissed (texture is like that of Mac paint pot)
NYX blonde pearl
Milani Desert Sun
L'Oreal Hip Brazen Eyeshadow Duo (brown) w/ an unknown shimmery brown on top of that
and bbllleeennndd.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thats about it....nothin 2 big. Next time I'll probably use some liquid liner and more blush cuz in the end I looked kinda pale ((((damn this yella skin! lol)))) sorry I don't have any full face shots.... I'll get better I promise! Oh and xcuse the brows lol....those hadn't been tamed just yet! lol. My eyebrows do what they want at times....but I cant only blame me! When I was young I used to see my Mom arching her eyebrows in the mirror.....SO of course I had to do it when I was like....FOUR. And I chopped half of each brow off and you can see the results above...they never were quite the same [[LOL]]
Tell me what cha think!


RIP Dr. Donda West

It hurts my heart to say this....I just read that rapper Kanye West's mother passed away last night. As I am a HUGE fan of Kanye West....I can only hope that he is dealing with this as best as he can. I wouldn't wish a loss like this on my worst enemy[[[i can't imagine what i'd do]]]...I am lost for words b/c in interviews his mother seemed so vibrant and healthy....but I guess things are never as they seem!

Mr. West and his family are in my prayers......


Dry *n* Ashy!


Okay so I've been having issues w/ my skin lately...not anything too bad. Just a lil' dryness. Right now I'm an avid Pro Activ user....the whole 3 step process is done morning and night. As far as my acne goes, I haven't had any problems but I think that Pro Activ works better day AND night in the warmer months, it's a little too harsh now that it's getting cold. Sooo, I'm looking to change my skin care regimen a little bit. I want to limit my Pro Activ usage to nights only. So as far as the morning goes I don't know! I've done a little research and according to O Magazine's Beauty Editor, Valerie Monroe, I should try a mild non-sudsing cleanser. Because I have combo skin [oily in my t-zone area] I don't think I can do without a toner, but I think I'll limit myself to Witch Hazel b/c it's more gentle than the ProActiv toner, and I've heard nothin but rave reviews about it. The hard part is finding a moisturizer....because I have combo, acne-prone skin I am scared to death to try different moisturizers. It doesnt help that I have sensitive skin and the slightest bit of fragrance will send my skin into a fr!

Do you ladies have any ideas as to what a good moisturizer for me might be?

[see the article about winter skincare here : ]

I'm going to go to and check out the reviews of a few moisturizers.


Talk Dirty 2 Me Baby!


I decided to give myself a mini mani EVENTHOUGH I broke two nails...I was feeling so UN-pretty w/o nail polish so I did this....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My Mini Mani: clip, shape, buff, cuticle oil followed by Mary Kay Satin Hands Set

I used A Perfect '10' Nail Polish in 'Talk Dirty" that I found at Wal-Mart for like...2 BUX! [[[sTeaL!!]]] but FIRST i used my LA Girls Whitener and Smoother as a base and I ended with my LA Girls Quick Dry Top Coat.

On a side note....I just want to tell you guys how great Mary Kay's Satin Hand set is.....its getting closer to winter time and my hands were feelin' a tad RUFF. First you apply the emollient cream-then the buffing cream-wash it off with the cleanser-use the non-greasy, very absorbent moisturizer and VOILA silky smooVe hands [lol]....This was given to me by my sister and I absolutely love it!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Also PLEASE give me some tips/feedback re: ways to take a good makeup photo. I hate that I see one thing when I put apply my makeup, but you guys see another! I want you guys to see the detail so that I can get some tips on my mu application! Thanks!



FOTD Numba Wun!

Oh my goodness....

I can't believe I actually have a FOTD! [lol]

Of course, its not great...i can't take a decent makeup photo with my digi cam, so I took these with my phone and you can't see all of the detail, but I think you all will get the picture.

It's so weird because I DO NOT do blue's so ...80s to me! So, I tried it for the firsttime and I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to post the pics because it [surprisingly] came out pretty. I'm pissed that you guys can't see the detail...I even think I did an -Ok- job blending. Oh yeah Disregard the beret [lol] I love it, but I don't wear it TOO much cuz my boyfriend hates it so much lol. But its pretty KEEWWWAALLL to me!
Okay so here goes nothin!

Okay so you can't see the detail but...o well for the moment right?

AArrrgghh. It irritates me cuz it was Bee-E-A-YOU-tee-Ful...for my skill level anyways!

Naturally I have to have a silly pic! *teehee*

What I used

Cover Girl True Blend Loose Powder w/ Minerals in translucent honey

Loreal True Match liquid Found. in N7

Maybelline Volume Express Mascara

Estee Lauder dual ended e/s & e/l in Double Denim

Wet N' Wild Cream Shadow in Toasted Almond as base

Wet N' Wild Silk Finish Blush in Mellow Wine (very Little)

Unknown eye shadow...frosty white color used as highlight

Jordana e/l in Turquoise

Jesse's Girl Eye Dush (like a pigment) in a deep greenish/blue color

Wild & Crazy e/s in Bahama Water

I'm proud of myself! yyayy! lol

Til' my next post....Kisses!

i AiNt Gettin my Nailz Did!!! [lol]

I refuse to continue to go to the salon and get acrylics anymore! I used to be a faithful "every two-weeker"...but now- I am all on my own. I have been giving myself a manicure AND pedicure! And if you ask me, I've gotten damn good at it!

I can't go to my local beauty supply without grabbing a new bottle. Cheap or expensive --- mostly cheap though! To me, all nail polish is the same. If you have decent technique you will always come out with nice nails. Also, it is VERY important to use a base coat to keep from yellowing your nail bed.

Above, you can see all the base coats & top coats that I use. For the most part, I use the L.A. Girls Whitener and Smoother as my base coat. It truly makes a difference in the smoothness of your nail polish application, although I've purchased other base coats I'll only use this one b/c I love it SOOOO much. You can purchase this at your local beauty supply or . I also luv, luv, luv the L.A. Girls Quick Dry Top Coat. It REALLY dries fast and if I use this a couple days after my initial application my nails will last at least 6 days [which is great for me considering I do lots of filing and typing at work]. All of the above items are great, but for me the L.A. Girls items are Holy Grail worthy and a steal at only $1.99 per bottle!

I have quite a few bottles of nail polish as well. I like to break them down into categories. I have my Neutrals and light pinks {which I love the most}, when I'm feelin a lil sassy I have my reds and dark oranges. On the other hand, I have my dark colors (mostly blacks, browns, and purples) when I'm feelin a lil....myStErIoUs!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Reds, Oranges

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Neutrals, Pinks

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Blacks, Maroons, Purples

For the most part I stick to either the neutrals or the darker colors. I love the way these colors look on my nails. For right now, I am sporting clear polish because I broke two of my nails BUT in the future each time I do my nails I will be providing pictures so you guys can see the color payoff. Also, if anyone wants to know what a certain color is, or would like to see a swatch email me and I will provide you with whatever your little heart desires :)

Tomorrow I'll show my makeup collection!!!

Stay Tuned!

Dead Tired....

For some reason I am just deathly tired today! As much as I love makeup can you believe I didn't put a thing on today!? Nothing at all except my carmex!

Okay....Am I the only one addicted to these little tubes of crack we call carmex? Oh my goodness! I can't go without it! I put it on before bed, and in between lip gloss touch many times during the day I can't count!

It's just so amazing to me how soft my lips feel with carmex. I've tried to ween myself off of this stuff time and time again, but it doesn't work. When I exfoliate my lips (gently brush them with my toothbrush) I pile this stuff on and my lips are SO soft when I wake up. It's pretty great! I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy but seriously its like I have OCD or something. I have to have it [lol].

Okay enuff of that.....when I get off work I'll be uploading some pics of the stuff I own that thsoe close to me call junk!

Stay tuned! :)


WoW...Its Official!

Okay..So I've wanted to start a blog for...4ever, but was to damned lazy to do it!
I finally took the time to start my blog....
To all my readers, if any [lol], this blog will highlight ALMOST everyday of my life...unless {again} I'm too lazy to post which I doubt I'll forget b/c I'll be using this an outlet for stress!

So as I said....I'm a fashion student (marketing and management NOT design) so naTuraLLy I LUV shopping, but in the last couple of months I've found myself interested in all phases of beauty! Mostly nail polish and makeup though. I stopped wearing acrylics and I've been determined to keep my nails manicured nicely. My makeup skills are okay! I still have a lot to learn and I would greatly appreciate all your tips, tricks, and pointers!

I don't descriminate! I do lots of drugstore brands b/c they can be just as great as the h/e products. I'll be reviewing products, introducing FOTD's [when I learn how to take a good makeup photo], VENTING [lol], I will also be giving you guys some of the tips and tricks I've learned along the way, and as for the rest....we'll cross that bridge when we get to it!