Practice Makes Perfect....

Happy Friday ladies!

I recently took a short vacay and was able to visit some of my family. Perfect opportunity to practice my makeup skills, right?!

Here at home, I am not able to practice as often as I would like...I can do my makeup whenever I feel like it...but the real test is being able to work with different skin tones, skin textures, brows, etc. So I applied m/u to my older cousin, and my younger cousin. Keep in mind, that I am not saying that I did the best job.....this was just for practice. For one! I haven't worked with darker skin before..everyone I've worked with always seems to be my complexion..Yeah I know, sad but TRUE! So here we go......I'll start with the worst first (lol) CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM WELCOME

This is my older cousin, Val. All I really did with her was her brows, shadow, and lips. She had her own foundation and concealer. After seeing the pics, I see areas that could have been blended a little better...Also, I think that her brow highlight is a little too light for her skin tone. I am using my own PERSONAL collection, so many of the shadows fit my complexion. I don't think that it's a horrible job, but it could have been better!

Next up is my lil' cuzzo Bri :)
I thought her makeup came out pretty good. She didn't need any foundation OR concealer so all I used was a little pressed powder to even her out. She didn't want anything dramatic, just something natural with a bit of a "kick". And YES those are her :::jealous!:::: I didn't even have to curl them!
As I said, I'd love for my fellow beauty bloggers to give me some tips and tricks! I have a friend that is an up and coming fashion designer, and was asked to do makeup for her I'm trying to get my stuff together in the next couple of months!
I'll be asking for product reccomendations among a million other things, so be prepared ladies! Also, I'm trying to keep up with my post and soon I'll have everything on a fixed schedule. I know its so much easier to keep up when you know when to expect a new post. Between classes, work, and my boyfriend...I'm pulling my hair out!

But hey....Life is good right now. I finally feel everything is falling into place!
Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!


Jamila said...

They look good momma! I agree that brow highlight was a little to light but I've seen waaaaaay worse on. i was at MAC and some woman walks on with straight up white pencil under her brow. Not blendend. just a daggum line. WTH?

Congrats on the fashion show! Be sure to post pics!

B said...

LOL @ your last picture. You are too silly. I think you don't a woooonderful job on both ladies. I'm diggin' the blues because it isn't too overwhelming for her skin tone. And Bri--I looove her look. A gold on the inner V and burgundy-ish color on the outer-V is probably my favorite combination and you executed it beautiuflly! And her brows are fab!

You are doing a wonderful joooob!