Here is my current NOTD, Orly Charged Up

Excuse my *shorter than normal* nubs...I broke about 3 nails, so I had to cut them all! =( I don't like long nails, but these are a lil too short for my liking. But HEY...they will grow back!

And here's my new phone.....the Samsung Instinct from Sprint....comparable to the i-phone. My boyfriend has the i-phone and I actually like my phone a little better, but this may be because he has the first model, and not the newer one. They have a lot of the same features and applications. I was quite happy when Sprint introduced a touch screen phone...that way I didn't have to end my contract 1 1/2 year early! hehe.......

Okay I am *officially* done posting for today! Lol. *dueces*


B said...

I don't own such a pretty blue! That is beautiful! I only have one Orly polish and can't remember how good their formulas are? You like? And your new phone is snazzy! Get iiit!

Alyssia said...

Hey B! Yeah I love Orly polishes...w/ a decent base coat they apply a lot like Essie....they're really smooth. And if you love this look at the post below ..... My Private Jet is GORGEOUS ....I think its my favorite polish.

B said...

Like Essie? Ohhh, you know I've got to buy more! Essie's finishes are my favorite!

Miss Carter said...

i love your nail polish collection.
do you give yourself manicures?
im trying to learn how to do my own nails so i can save on some money.
can you make a blog about what you do?

Alyssia said...

Mz. Carter> Thanks girl! I went nail polish crazy for a few months lol...can't wait til spring to break out the brights again, but yes I do my own mani's and i will definitely do a manicure post soon. =)