Hey Ladies,

I know I'm a little late on this post, but between my Cedar Point (amusement park) trip and dealing with the Financial Aid office for school I have been so out of it. But I have plenty of pics from my latest hauls to share with you lovely ladies =) It's not much but I scored some pretty great stuff....for little to nothing. Let's take a closer look!

I absolutely love the dress! I got it at H&M...surprisingly I wasn't sold just looking at it on the hanger, but when I tried it on I had to have it! H&M's clothing fits me really their store I'm a PERFECT size 6. I am one that embraces my curves and believe me, this dress hugs every curve... yet still classy and elegant. It's not *super* dressy...I believe it can be dressed up or down. I plan on wearing it to a dinner cruise with my Mom and Dad paired with a black wide belt & black patent peep toe mary janes. I purchased the jeans from 4ever 21 and they also fit really well. I needed a new pair of dark denim jeans to wear with pumps, and these fit the bill perfectly. Who can't be happy about spending less than $50 on a quality dress and a nice pair of jeans??

This lil' kit is so convinient! I'm constantly breaking, chipping, or slamming a nail in a file drawer at work so sometimes, I need a quick fix. It was only $1 at Meijer...can't beat it! (I had to add my own crystal nail file to the kit)

I really do not remember the name of this Revlon blush, and since I'm blogging from work I can't grab it (I'll edit later) But I DO know that it was only $2.25 on clearance and was orginally $10+. Can we say STEAL?!

I was also able to get this NYX trio on sale (50% off) at my local Rite Aid...In the end I think I only paid about $3 for it...give a few cents.

I also picked up Orly Charged Up...I think its a great transitional purple from Summer to Fall...I was surprised to see that it was released with a few of their neons because well.....It's not really a neon :-/ But still beautiful

And look at this beauty! OMG...look at the holographic glitter......I was speechless when I found this...I saw sooo many ladies rocking it over at the Nail Board on Makeup Alley and loved imagine my delight when I found this at my local Ulta.

Look at that! Just gorgeous! This is definitely not your average black polish. You can achieve bottle color with two coats, but I'm a three coater myself!
That's about all I've purchased lately...I'm on a huge low buy after purchasing a new phone PLUS I have to buy books for the upcoming semester! OH! And I know I still haven't posted my minimal makeup look, but believe it or not I am JUST now getting that breakout I mentioned under control. I haven't been wearing anything but mascara and carmex, but now that it's nearly clear...I'll work on that post! Have a great day ladies!!!!


budget chic said...

The H&M dress and pant are nice! I wish we had an H&M in my city. It sucks that we don't. They are taking forever to get out here!!

B said...

I freakin' love H&M and hate that they don't have one in Florida. I go wild when I visit ATL, LA and NYC. That dress is soooo cute.

OMG, I'm startin' to think that we are nail polish twins. You are just obsessed as me!

Alyssia said...

Hey Ladies! Yes H&M is the GREATEST! We just got em in Michigan a little over a year ago! and I LOVE their stores =)

B- We are np twins.....My obsession is BEYOND out of control. =( lol. I'm trying to get a hold on it so that I don't end up with a ton of dupes!