Talk Dirty 2 Me Baby!


I decided to give myself a mini mani EVENTHOUGH I broke two nails...I was feeling so UN-pretty w/o nail polish so I did this....

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My Mini Mani: clip, shape, buff, cuticle oil followed by Mary Kay Satin Hands Set

I used A Perfect '10' Nail Polish in 'Talk Dirty" that I found at Wal-Mart for like...2 BUX! [[[sTeaL!!]]] but FIRST i used my LA Girls Whitener and Smoother as a base and I ended with my LA Girls Quick Dry Top Coat.

On a side note....I just want to tell you guys how great Mary Kay's Satin Hand set is.....its getting closer to winter time and my hands were feelin' a tad RUFF. First you apply the emollient cream-then the buffing cream-wash it off with the cleanser-use the non-greasy, very absorbent moisturizer and VOILA silky smooVe hands [lol]....This was given to me by my sister and I absolutely love it!

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Also PLEASE give me some tips/feedback re: ways to take a good makeup photo. I hate that I see one thing when I put apply my makeup, but you guys see another! I want you guys to see the detail so that I can get some tips on my mu application! Thanks!



Divine Blackness said...

I'm such a stalker! LOL, replyin' to all of your blog entries. HA---sorry! The best way to take make-up photos is by using the macro setting (it's the little flower). I'm tellin' you...your pictures will come out so much better. Try that!

Satin Nails is totally fab! I've been using this stuff since back in the day!

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

awww so NOT stalkerish! lol. I need all the help I can get! Its not like I have tons of readers lol. Respond whenever you feel the need! I truly appreciate any help you have to offer! and yeah I never woulda thought mary kay would have somethin I like...I think of them like Avon (i automatically equate both with middle aged women and up...but both have GREAT too!)

yummy411 said...

hey! i'm no pro at taking makeup pics like temptalia, but i agree with divine blackness (b) when she says use the macro setting with the little flower. this setting is for close ups in natural light. however, when i do it.. i just go to my bathroom that's all white, with the brightest light and snap pics in the macro setting. they come out the best. trying to snaps pics far away on this setting, in bad lighting gives you bad, blurry pics (the photo of my nails and the halloween pic-- i realized i usually use my macro setting and i didn't take it off for those pics)... test it out! i hope that helps!