Dry *n* Ashy!


Okay so I've been having issues w/ my skin lately...not anything too bad. Just a lil' dryness. Right now I'm an avid Pro Activ user....the whole 3 step process is done morning and night. As far as my acne goes, I haven't had any problems but I think that Pro Activ works better day AND night in the warmer months, it's a little too harsh now that it's getting cold. Sooo, I'm looking to change my skin care regimen a little bit. I want to limit my Pro Activ usage to nights only. So as far as the morning goes I don't know! I've done a little research and according to O Magazine's Beauty Editor, Valerie Monroe, I should try a mild non-sudsing cleanser. Because I have combo skin [oily in my t-zone area] I don't think I can do without a toner, but I think I'll limit myself to Witch Hazel b/c it's more gentle than the ProActiv toner, and I've heard nothin but rave reviews about it. The hard part is finding a moisturizer....because I have combo, acne-prone skin I am scared to death to try different moisturizers. It doesnt help that I have sensitive skin and the slightest bit of fragrance will send my skin into a fr!

Do you ladies have any ideas as to what a good moisturizer for me might be?

[see the article about winter skincare here : ]

I'm going to go to and check out the reviews of a few moisturizers.


Divine Blackness said...

I'm so in the market for a good moisturizer too. Having just moved to LA, I'm finding that my skin is off tha damn chain. I get acne like craaaaazy! I've always had pretty good skin but now everyday I'm waking up to not 1, not 2 but at least 3 new pimples. Drives me insane. Witch Hazel is a fab toner. I down tone as much because I have drier skin. I've always found a lot of success with Aveeno products. They usually contain milder ingredients for folx with sensitive skin. For a higher end product, I'd look into Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Mannn I love this stuff. It even works well with oily skin from what I've heard. You can probably grab some free samples at a counter.

Which reminds me....Aveeno sends me hella samples from time to time to check out their website and get them to send you some too.

Peace for now and happy searching. Share your updates and finds with us here.

Afrodite said...

I use Oil of Olay All Day UV Moisture Lotion. It makes my skin glow!

I know the winters in Michigan are definately more harsh than those in California so you may need a heavier moisturizer.

j said...

I'm a sensitive, oily, acne-prone Proactiv user too, and a few months ago, I started having the same problems as you. So I switched to using Proactiv at night, and I use Shu Uemura in the daytime. I haven't had problems since. I'm a fan of the Cleansing Water (it's simple and gentle), and the moisturizer with SPF 15. Hope that helps!