I know, i know....long time no post! But I was inspired when I visited the Mac site and the Stylistics collection is out! yay! [[[[or nay for me??]]]

I want a COUPLE of things from this collection, but then again I still want a 187! I was thinking of purchasing one of the holiday brush sets (the 4 face brushes), but I don't need the foundation brush or the concealer many choices...not enough money..and an addiction that is digging a hole in my pockets!

But anyways... back to Stylistics! I am luvin Hyper Chic Lipglass " a neutral caramel brown"...i think it would look luvlee on my lips!

And the Sheerspark pressed powder...I'm not quite sure which shade would compliment me but I'm in love already! I will defenitely be at my local Mac counter first thing Friday morning.
Originally I decided that I wasn't gonna buy anything, but I can NOT pass this up! The packaging is BEAUTIFUL and I am in love with some of the colors...I promise to walk out with only 2 items! I have an apartment to furnish! [lol]
FOTD's coming tonight! :)


Divine Blackness said...

I totallllly want to grab some stuff from the Stylistics collection. And the 187. But chiiiile, I honestly don't think I can afford it. So I will look from afar. I try to pick something up from every collection but this may be one I pass on. Which is sad because everything looks divinely (no pun....LOL!!) gorgeous. Now the Hyper Chic looks fab so I may have to pull some strings (aka call one of my men...hehehe) to cop that one. Ahhhh....we will see on Friday, uh? Can't wait to see your FOTD!

yummy411 said...

hmm good goal limit. i shouldn't spend my money on this stuff.. but i gotta cop something... grrr and one beauty powder =(((( of beauty, stylistics, metal x.. one from each?? gaah.. i need new tires!

Anonymous said...

That hyper chic lipglass looks interesting. I wonder how it looks.. Is it too much wanting to see it on you? Interesting blog you have over here too.

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

db- GIRL...I KNOW i can't afford all the things I want...I have a wishlist thats like a page long...and thats just for MAKEUP [lol]so i think im doing damn good only purchasing TWO things lol.

Yumz- okay so how about you pick two collections and get somethin from each instead of the last three collections that were released...just an idea =)

trecia- I'm gonna go get it on Friday {yay payday! lol} and i'll defenitely post so you can see how it looks!

Mrs. Lynne said...

I'd have to say the Sheerspark Pressed Powder does look interesting. I'm loving the shades. Oh, I'm excited to see what you come home with!! POST POST POST :)