Another Mini-Haul I think it's been established that I'm a broke college student w. bills [lol] SO, it's a very RARE occurence that I am able to go on shopping sprees at the Mac counter...I have to make do w/ what I've got and what I can afford! =) So here's a look at a few things I picked up yesterday....

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NYX e/s trio (white/grrey/black)
Ruby Kisses e/s duo (Fantasy Island)
Milani Lipstick (Pink Chiffon & Dolce Vita)
Studio Tools Bronzer Brush
Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush

I needed the NYX trio b/c I didn't have a matte black shadow...instead of spending 14 bux on ? ONE at Mac...i figured why not get 3 shadows for a fraction of the price =)...Now the Ruby Kisses shadow [lol] has little to barely any was just cheap at my local beauty supply and I liked the colors..but they don't show get what you pay for, right? Surprisingly I love both brushes...i was able to play with both last night when I did my FOTD (see last entry)....I already knew to expect great things from the Sonia Kashuk brush b/c of all the rave reviews I've read. The Studio Tools brush is realllyyy soft....I'll update after I wash it for the first time to see if it sheds or if the bristles get prickly.

It's good for now, though! ***EDIT***the studio tools bronzer/kabuki brush SUCKS. >:-[ It was soft to touch but too rough on my turned me red! I don't even have any high end makeup brushes but I know enough to know that this won't cut it! to the trash it goes....


Mrs. Lynne said...

nice haul. i'm a huge fan of NYX also. i always find myself picking up a shadow every time i wander into that aisle.

Divine Blackness said...

I never ever see NYX. And I hear their shadows are pretty good....and you can get good MAC dupes. But I wouldn't know because I can never find them. :( Ugghhh, sorry that brush wasn't too hot for you. I was lookin' at that the other day and thought about getting it. Essence of Beauty has a cheap kabuki brush that is just....hmmm, okaaaaayyyy. It's not SUPER soft like I like my brushes, but I think it's okay. I'm definitely putting a good quality kabuki brush on my Christmas wish list!

Afrodite said...

I hear a lot of people sing praises about NYX, never tried it myself.

Now theSonia Kashuk(?) brushes? I have the angled eyeshadown one and it is the businaaaaaasss!! Thanks Target!

yummy411 said...

hey.. please believe that it is okay to find products that work at the drugstore or any where else that's not MAC. they are pretty reliable and universal... but not end all, be all. while in undergrad, rite aid was a playground! i loved to experiment with different things.. i still do before splurging and going to the counter.

what base did you use for the ruby kisses e/s? have you tried urban decay primer potion or a little concealer or foundation? sometimes whatever base, a shadow can't be saved. have you tried wet n wild's trio palettes with a sponge applicator and mirror.. those are surprisingly nicely pigmented. wnw is on sale now at cvs buy 1, get one half off.. i'm going to buy some (though i don't need anymore shadows!!)

sorry about the kabuki =(