Latest Haul...and Sum Half-Assed FOTD's

Hey yall...

Like everyone else out there, I know I'm supposed to be buyin stuff for my fam and friends BUT I can't help myself. I didn't over do it though, I think I've been pretty good about sticking to drugstore brands instead of splurging on h/e cosmetics! I seriously only own 4 Mac e/s...and thats including this haul. From time to time, I purchase my foundation or mascara from Mac but they usually only squeeze that outta me when I let the MA do my m/u!
But goes the haul I purchased the following : Mac e/s in Beauty Marked and Trax (recommended by the MA), NYX Lip Gloss with Mega Shine in Clear net, Mac Lipglass in Viva Glam VI, NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose shadows in Lime Pearl and Baby Blue pearl, Milani e/s(cant remember the color), WnW Mega Glow Illuminating Powder in Bora Bora, Cover Girl Buffer Brush, Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, & Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.

NOW...I absolutely love my Mac eyeshadows. They are so pretty together! But I refuse to do an FOTD using them until I get a new digi cam(I'll tell you about that later). The MA told me that they were her fav combos right now and I thought they were sooo pretty together! I had to have them...against my better judgement! Originally I was looking for another lipglass...just something with a LITTLE less sheer and I love the Viva Glam's just..perfect for my lips! The milani e/s is also really pretty...I think I'd use it as a highlighter whenever I do pink e/s or a pink and purple combo. The NYX ultra pearl shadows are decent. I really like the Baby Blue pearl, but the Lime pearl is a little more shimmery than I was hoping for (I'll probably just layer it with an e/s that's a little more Milani Limbo Lime). The Wnw powder is pretty good too...I just use it on the hollows of my cheeks and on my temples and then I top it off with whatever blush I'm going to se for the day. {keep in mind, i bought this stuff about a week ago so I've had a chance to play with everything!} And now for the star of the bunch...the CG Buffer is very soft and I haven't had any shedding what-so-ever. I use it for my mineral m/u and I really like the effect it gives. If you remember, I bought a really harsh kabuki brush and I hated it, but this is amazing....I look for a reason to use it everyday! The baby oil gel also works wonders. I use it about 2 times a week. After I shower (while I am still wet) I apply the gel liberally and then I pat myself dry..thats it! My skin does not feel greasy...the product is absorbed very well and when I wake up the next morning I still feel moisturized!! I don't have to apply lotion to anything but my hands. I have yet to use to Mint Julep masque but it got pretty decent reviews over at Makeup Alley so I'm hoping it will serve its purpose (minimize my pores!) when I try it! [I'll let you guys know!]
And FOTD's. I have come to conclusion that I have a wack camera! [lol]. I have done everything possible to make my pics come out looking decent, but they never pick up the details or show how vibrant the shadow is. So I'm hoping Santa will bring me a better digi cam for X-mas this year!!!!
The first pic is just showing my m/u coverage. Many of you guys told me to try using a good concealer and layer it with a powder. So I used WnW coverall stick in Medium over any blemishes or scars I had and then I applied my Mac Studio Stick Foundation in NC45 over the same marks/blemishes with my concealer brush...then I added a sheer layer of my Everyday minerals...I like the coverage it gave and I didn't feel like I had a ton of makeup on my do you think it came out??

Pay no attention to the look on my face....I'm a goofball!!?!? What can I say?!!??! [lol]

In this FOTD I just played around with some bright colors (eventhough they don't look as bright in my pics) I used the following:

FACE Coverall stick, Mac Studio Stick Foundation, Everday Minerals, Wnw Bora Bora, Covergirl Iced Plum blush

EYES Ultra Pearl Mania Loose e/s in Lime Pearl and Lilac Pearl, Milani e/s in Shock and Limbo Lime, frosty peachy e/s for highlight(brand/color unknown), Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil

LIPS Mac Lipglass in Phosphorelle, Milani L/s in Dolce Vita
**They are HORRIBLE PICS and the angles are weird, but I had to pick the few that showed the colors.

Sorry for such a long post, was necessary! [lol]

Tell me what you guys think!!! =)



nilla cookie said...

I really love this look! It's perfect for winter, like you just stepped in from the snow with the frosty shadow and glossy, just barely there pinky lips!

Super cute!

yummy411 said...

oooh i love the look! your skin looks very even and i can see you working those shadows! fantastic hual... great for the collection. beauty burst is an all time fav for me. it's the brown that showed me that neutral colors are the bomb. now i'm always trying my hardest to achieve the perfect neutral eye/face. i <3 beautyburst!

Divine Blackness said...

I think you look good, babes. I have was one of my first MAC colors. And I have been meaning to get Beauty Marked but I think it's similar to Sketch. You pulled a pretty fun haul!

Tryna figure out take (hell, and with Blogger...UPLOAD) pictures is frustrating but you'll figure out. If you need some help, let your fellow sister beauty blogger know!

Off to MAC Pro I go to check out that Stylistics. Have you seen it yet? What do you think?

Afrodite said...

I looooove that you try and recommend drug store brands! I'm trying to take a break from the h/e makeup and look for cheaper brands.

Vanessa said...

looking gorgeous!

Mrs. Lynne said...

This looks lays beautifully against your skin. Well done!!