FOTD Numba Wun!

Oh my goodness....

I can't believe I actually have a FOTD! [lol]

Of course, its not great...i can't take a decent makeup photo with my digi cam, so I took these with my phone and you can't see all of the detail, but I think you all will get the picture.

It's so weird because I DO NOT do blue's so ...80s to me! So, I tried it for the firsttime and I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to post the pics because it [surprisingly] came out pretty. I'm pissed that you guys can't see the detail...I even think I did an -Ok- job blending. Oh yeah Disregard the beret [lol] I love it, but I don't wear it TOO much cuz my boyfriend hates it so much lol. But its pretty KEEWWWAALLL to me!
Okay so here goes nothin!

Okay so you can't see the detail but...o well for the moment right?

AArrrgghh. It irritates me cuz it was Bee-E-A-YOU-tee-Ful...for my skill level anyways!

Naturally I have to have a silly pic! *teehee*

What I used

Cover Girl True Blend Loose Powder w/ Minerals in translucent honey

Loreal True Match liquid Found. in N7

Maybelline Volume Express Mascara

Estee Lauder dual ended e/s & e/l in Double Denim

Wet N' Wild Cream Shadow in Toasted Almond as base

Wet N' Wild Silk Finish Blush in Mellow Wine (very Little)

Unknown eye shadow...frosty white color used as highlight

Jordana e/l in Turquoise

Jesse's Girl Eye Dush (like a pigment) in a deep greenish/blue color

Wild & Crazy e/s in Bahama Water

I'm proud of myself! yyayy! lol

Til' my next post....Kisses!


yummy411 said...

from what i can see, you mu looks great! doesn't it feel fantastic to be able to pull off a blue look! congrats... keep up the great fotd's! what lipgloss are you wearing?

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

Thanks yummy! As far as my lipgloss goes....i truly do not know. It's old so the name has worn off of the side. If it helps it was a sheer cotton-candy ish color.

Divine Blackness said...

First of all....I absolutely love the Jordana brand. That 2 for $3 is so what's up! Blues are really hard to pull off. And it's crazy because I seriously own at least 7-8 blues! But you definitely rocked it! To deepen a blue....blend some black eye shadow lightly on your outer-V. It'll give you more of a smoky subtle blue look instead of a "Pow! I'm wearin' blue, bitches!" look. I love throwin' up the deuces as my last pic too. Hehe! Girl, keep up the great work and keep postin' pics! Good and your progress!

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

OOooooooOOO good pointer. Ima try that next time and post the pix! and yes jordana is wats up! i got it for tha low!!!!!!! lol Thanks girly