i AiNt Gettin my Nailz Did!!! [lol]

I refuse to continue to go to the salon and get acrylics anymore! I used to be a faithful "every two-weeker"...but now- I am all on my own. I have been giving myself a manicure AND pedicure! And if you ask me, I've gotten damn good at it!

I can't go to my local beauty supply without grabbing a new bottle. Cheap or expensive --- mostly cheap though! To me, all nail polish is the same. If you have decent technique you will always come out with nice nails. Also, it is VERY important to use a base coat to keep from yellowing your nail bed.

Above, you can see all the base coats & top coats that I use. For the most part, I use the L.A. Girls Whitener and Smoother as my base coat. It truly makes a difference in the smoothness of your nail polish application, although I've purchased other base coats I'll only use this one b/c I love it SOOOO much. You can purchase this at your local beauty supply or . I also luv, luv, luv the L.A. Girls Quick Dry Top Coat. It REALLY dries fast and if I use this a couple days after my initial application my nails will last at least 6 days [which is great for me considering I do lots of filing and typing at work]. All of the above items are great, but for me the L.A. Girls items are Holy Grail worthy and a steal at only $1.99 per bottle!

I have quite a few bottles of nail polish as well. I like to break them down into categories. I have my Neutrals and light pinks {which I love the most}, when I'm feelin a lil sassy I have my reds and dark oranges. On the other hand, I have my dark colors (mostly blacks, browns, and purples) when I'm feelin a lil....myStErIoUs!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Reds, Oranges

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Neutrals, Pinks

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Blacks, Maroons, Purples

For the most part I stick to either the neutrals or the darker colors. I love the way these colors look on my nails. For right now, I am sporting clear polish because I broke two of my nails BUT in the future each time I do my nails I will be providing pictures so you guys can see the color payoff. Also, if anyone wants to know what a certain color is, or would like to see a swatch email me and I will provide you with whatever your little heart desires :)

Tomorrow I'll show my makeup collection!!!

Stay Tuned!


yummy411 said...

great post! i wear acrylics but i should truly have my natural nails. acrylics seemed easier and to help my polish last longer, but with your suggestions, it sounds like i can really get a decent outcome without being dependent on other's services (which i hate! cut out the middle man!)